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Holiday Feel Good Fundraiser

Hi Friends!

     Initially this was meant to be an email to my “ladies group” that I email about upcoming events, however Facebook reaches a far larger group. These kids are simply delightful at the barn. They are kind, grateful and so totally unentitled that it is very difficult to encourage them, and almost impossible to compliment them. They just can’t accept it.

Hello Ladies,

I’m reaching out to you in an effort to raise money for some new members of our Horse Amour family. Sue and I have two students who have developed a true passion for riding and immense love for the lesson horses over the past weeks. Unfortunately these students come from a rough home situation and have not received any Christmas presents in the past years, and are unlikely to this year as well. As many of you know this time of year can be extremely difficult for individuals whose holidays are often reminders of the unfortunate circumstances they are in. Coming to the barn has given both of these students hope, and it breaks our hearts that they won’t be receiving any gifts for Christmas this year. 

Our goal this year is to purchase them winter riding boots from the Tack Shop in an effort to keep them coming to the barn this winter, and to make them feel the love and appreciation they deserve. These students have worked so hard during their time at the barn, and are the perfect example of why equine therapy works, and why it is so important. Sue has so kindly agreed to sell these gifts at a discounted price, and the school has agreed to purchase gifts for the other children in the family if we can pull this off. 

I understand the circumstances going into this holiday season are tough on all of us, but if you have the ability to donate any amount, it would mean the world to me and these kids. Donations can be given to Sue at Horse Amour.

Thank you in advance, and happy holidays

Po© Sue Cook 2015