Golden Delicious Apple

1/1/16 UPDATE: Golden Delicious Apple Bit Wipes are NOT currently being produced. The flavoring price is considerably more than Peppermint ($156/gallon apple, $99/gallon peppermint), and the sales are slow. The recipe can be made at any time, if circumstances call for it. Or if Horse Amour decides that we can afford to make it “just because”…


Golden Delicious Apple Bit Wipes are a fabulous followup to Peppermint Bit Wipes. Like the Peppermint, our Golden Delicious Apple Wipes are made with a gourmet flavoring used in candy and ice creams. (at $129/gallon it's the best!) This flavor is so strong and appetizing, it will have your horse reaching toward you as soon as you open the canister!

I myself prefer the Peppermint for cleanups and handwiping, but my horses seem to like the Golden Delicious Apple even better for bitting. (never thought I'd say that, I really love my Peppermint Bit Wipes!)

This product has been in the making for the past 3 years, do to it's difficulty in chemically preserving it all naturally it has been back to the drawing board several times! The finished product is FABULOUS! I had begun to dislike even the smell of GDA, after all we've been through with it, however the finished product is better than I ever dared to hope. BUT-- I had to have a CUSTOM mix, but for whatever reason these wipes smell WONDERFUL! (extended chemical testing in 2011 granted that they will sit safely on the shelf for over 4 years!!!)

I have a mare that is extremely difficult to bridle, even with Peppermint Bit Wipes, and she immediately turned to me when I presented the newly opened Golden Delicious Apple Bit Wipes canister-- and gobbled up her bit. Unbelievable!

You simply must give these a try if you are experiencing bitting problems! Although Bit Wipes originally were created for cleaning purposes, I myself will now sing the praises of Bit Wipes for bitting purposes, with the addition of this flavor. Horses LOVE it!!

Since Golden Delicious Apple Bit Wipes have only been on the market since February 15th, 2007 they are truly BRAND NEW. If your favorite retailer does not yet stock them, have them give us a call at 802-468-2200, today!!!

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