All camps are days only, tuesday-friday, 9-5, or 10-4 unless otherwise specified. This may be a partial list-- there may be day camps leading up to the weekends competition that are not listed here. Bring your lunch and dress for the weather! A camp preregistration form appears at the bottom of this page.

*WINTER CAMP Sadly canceled in 2021, Thankyou Covid...

*SPRING DRESSAGE CAMP Cancelled for 2021. An intense week of Dressage instruction and freedom, leading to our Annual Spring Dressage Show. Come for a week to improve your test scores, show prep your horse, join a Quadrille, form a Pas De Deux or Pas De Trois, put together a Musical Freestyle... the possibilities are endless! One of our most popular camps, signup early. Why fly south when you can get a glove and helmet tan right here in Vermont in April?? Let your creativity shine at this fabulous musical riding camp. 

*EVENT CAMP June 23, 24 & 25. Preparation for the June 27th Horse Trials. Perfect your test, get out on the courses. Be confident and ready to compete! $250 boarders, $25/day horse or stall rental

*EVENT CAMP July 21,22,& 23. Preparation for the July 25 Horse Trials. Perfect your test, get out on the courses. Be confident and ready to compete! $250 boarders, $25/day horse or stall rental

*ADULT DRESSAGE CAMP July 30, 31 & August 1, be ready for Horse Amour Summer Dressage Show on August 8! Practice your test, work on a freestyle, partner up for a pas de deux and form a quadrille team! $200 your horse, $275 ours.

*SUMMER DRESSAGE CAMP August 3-7.  Preparation for our in house annual Summer Musical Dressage Show. All the fun of the Spring Show, with warmer weather! Practice & prepare your horse/test/music to perfection! Join a quadrille, form a Pas De Deux or Quadrille. Unlimited tanning and swimming! $300 your horse, $400 ours.

*SUMMER CAMP August 10-13 A week of fun in the sun to introduce basic equitation, horsemanship and stable management skills. Have a horse of your own to care for. End of week trail ride. Swimming daily. All ages (8 & up). Please call or email for reservations. Camp price $350 (regular weekly lesson students) $450 all others. limited space available, taking reservations now.

*FUN DAY CAMP the friday of no school in October, typically one week prior to Fall Fun Day, 9-5, bring a lunch and dress for the weather. $75

Black Friday Camp: Day after Thanksgiving. Send your parents to the mall, and come to the barn to work off your turkey!! $65/your horse, $85/ours.

Completed camp form and check made out to Horse Amour, may be sent to 804 Eaton Hill East, Castleton, VT 05735.



“Work Camp” Confident, well trained working students are needed to paint, weed, pick up around the barn and generally help out.  Many year round projects need helping hands! Contact Steph to arrange work times. Get extra saddle time to prepare for upcoming competitions, train for HPF or Eddy Farm Trials, or get a chance to put mileage on a young horse. Open to veteran, current lesson students, CSC, GMC or Horse Amour alumni ONLY please.

Groups of 3 or more regular lesson students may ask for “work camp" on weekdays, typically Thursdays during the summertime. Camp will be $65/day, to include at least one ride, and swimming privileges. Manage the barn, work with your favorite horse, help with training the young horses and assist Sue and Steph with chores around the barn. Get your friends together and schedule some camp dates! If you are NOT a regular weekly lesson student, if you are inexperienced or less than 10 years old, you must be pre-approved by Horse Amour staff and an additional fee may be required for additional staffing…

Dates for 2021 work camp tba.

Camp is a wonderful thing for the horse-crazy rider that needs more barn time! Come spend the day at Horse Amour and live the good barn life!!

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