GMC Course March 25

Quote of the week “Throw your heart over the fence and your horse will follow”.  Sounds easy, but having confidence with horses takes years of experience…but the quote is true when you are able to ask for something from your horse that you completely understand 1) what you want to do and 2) exactly how to do it. 

Second quote of the week “If your horse says ‘no’, you either asked the wrong question, or asked the question wrong”. Pat Parelli

I think by this week everyone has felt a little of both— increased confidence and a bit of discouragement when things don’t work quite right in your communication, or when the class does not go as planned. You are all doing a great job by the way. Your journal prompt is to let me know how YOU are feeling about your current communication with the horses as class is now at about midterm. Improved? Frustrating? Disappointing? Exciting? Empowering?

Also I’m hoping you will watch the links below to see how wonderful it is here during nice weather (which is hopefully coming!)

Click below to watch Betsy ride Jetta over Horse Amour’s Novice cross country jump course during the summer of 2016, courtesy of a go-pro!

(pending upload)

Click below to watch a Musical Freestyle at Horse Amour (Steph riding Sirius)

Click below to watch some fun things we do during nice weather at Horse Amour (Steph riding Annabelle)

I also hope you will all look at a dressage test; there are many, right here on the website. The tests give riders some structure to their schooling, training and lessons, and our little competitions are a great way to validate your efforts and to compare yourself with your peers in a fun atmosphere of friendly competing. Our Spring Dressage Show will be held on April 30. We offer tests as well as Musical Freestyle, Pas De Deux and Quadrille. I have always wanted a GMC Quadrille team, but it has not happened yet…all of the musical rides are freestyle compilations of basic dressage moves. Anyone can have fun with it! See you on Wednesday.

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