Does YOUR horse love their bit?

Spring Dressage Show Artwork

Ribbons and prizes (for 1st place) can be picked up at the barn.


10 and under:

1st place Inza Sirjane colored pencil and crayon

Judges comment: "Very original, and shows wonderful action and joy."

2nd place: Alexandria Ryan colored pencil

Judges comment: “Nice use of colors, and attention to detail.”

3rd place: Knox Sirjane acrylic

Judges comments: “Very nice use of color.”

4th place: Maya Volpe watercolor

Judges comments: “Very nice use of color and texture in watercolor.”

Age 11-13

1st place: Savana Kirby “Halo & Joey” acrylic on canvas.

Judges comments: “Nice handling of the dapple grey texture, and drawing of the eyes.”

Age 14-18

1st place: Molly Czub “Piaffe” pencil drawing.

Judges comments: “Good observation and attention to detail.”

Additional submissions appear below. They are all WONDERFUL!!!!!!!

Thankyou Nancy Weis for taking on the difficult job of volunteering to judge our Art!

Horsehead Watercolor, by Maya Volpe, age 8.

Painting, by Maya Volpe, age 8.

Colored Pencil Drawing, by Inza Sirjane, age 7.

Paint & Glitter on Wood, by Alexandria Ryan, age 8. 

Pencil drawing, by Maya Volpe, age 8.

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