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Custom Made Browbands

There is no limit to the creativity! Beads come in every color, shape and size. Beads are fun, and it's easy to make unique browbands to match all of your outfits; show, musical freestyle, costume and for just plain FUN! This has been my new project during an epic cold January when the barn is not where I want to be.

The traditional brow band is a well made, softly padded 1 inch wide item in black, dark brown or havana. They come in straight, wave or v-shape, horse, cob, pony and oversize. There is an 8mm channel in the brow band where the beads lay. Once a design is picked, the beads are strung and then hand sewn into the channel. It’s actually quite a job, requiring a great deal of precision, finger strength,  patience and time. I’m getting better, but the least time it has taken to complete one of these is 4 hours.

I am hoping to design a “snap” brow band which will allow much quicker wardrobe changes, not having to take your entire bridle apart to change brow bands. Wouldn’t it be fun to change brow bands for each class, like you might change saddle pads or show shirts?

The other idea I am experimenting with is a “no sew” brow band, which would be MUCH less expensive. There would be 2 leather pieces (see below for a prototype) that attach or snap to the headstall and the beads would be strung between the 2 peices without the leather backing. Taking out the price of the high quality, padded brow band and the 4 hours of sewing tough leather would make these a much quicker, easier and less expensive enterprise.  Stay tuned!

If you would like one of these designed, or a price quoted, or both, text me at 802-683-6598 or facebook messenger Sue Cook. Let me know your color preferences and I will get to work!

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