Longe Line Class

 The purpose of showing on a longe line is to demonstrate that the horse has the movement, manners/expression/attitude and conformation to become competitive in dressage under saddle.

Therefore, the purpose of this class is to reward:

   (A) Quality of Movement.

   (B) Manners/Expression/Attitude.

   (C) Conformation suitable to future performance.

The horse should be judged with its suitability as a future performer under saddle in mind. This class should define what it means to be a “dressage prospect”.  Because this is open to young horses, they are not expected to demonstrate the behavior or quality of a finished show horse, but only that performance necessary for a reasonable presentation to the judge.

1. The class will consist of two parts:

a. Conformation Inspection

(1) The conformation inspection will occur prior to the longeing demonstration. Each entry will be walked into the arena towards the judge (camera) and pause for evaluation individually. They will then trot off straight towards the camera, turn as if around a cone, and trot away. All entries will be inspected in this fashion.  Equipment: Horses may be shown in a halter or bridle.

Halt * trot toward camera * walk and reverse * trot away from camera * halt

b. Longeing Demonstration

The exhibitor will present the horse at all three gaits in both directions. Turn around at the walk to take the second direction of the pattern may be considered as fulfilling the walk requirement of the second direction portion of the scoring format. 

1. For the longeing demonstration, the only
attachment allowed to the halter is the longe line.
The longe line may not exceed 30’ in length with a
snap attached to the halter. The longe line must
hang free from the halter without touching any part
of the horse. It is permissible to use a longe whip;
however, disqualification will occur if the exhibitor
blatantly strikes the horse with the whip or longe line
to cause forward or lateral movement at any time
during the longeing demonstration.

2. No other equipment is allowed on the horse or pony during
the class. 

3. For the conformation inspection, a lead shank or rope, such
as used in halter or showmanship classes may be
used, and exchanged for the longe line prior to the
longeing demonstration.

4. Exhibitors are not to be penalized for using regular
halters and plain longe lines, nor are they to be
rewarded for using show halters and show longe
lines. Only movement, manners/expression/way of
going, and conformation are being judged. The type
of equipment used is not to be a consideration in
placing the horse. 

E. Attire. Conventional English attire is suggested, however the type of attire
worn by the exhibitor is not to be a consideration in placing the horse.

All of the above information is compiled from various sites, from AQHA to Pony of the Americas, not from the USDF, as there was no information available. Have fun with this!! Set it to music if you wish!

junPo© Sue Cook 2015