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Virtual Show.pdf

Virtual Benefit Horse Show for Horse Amour

My dear friend Bethany White has organized a Virtual Benefit Horse Show for Horse Amour! Being the incredibly generous and thoughtful person she is, when she heard about our barn’s recent beloved lesson horses Bubba, Sarah and Finnick being sick with strangles (equine distemper) she came up with a fabulous idea for turning our quarantine time into fun and productive time, while bringing in some income and being able to pursue our passion of horse showing.

Bethany has come up with 58 classes!! And a volunteer judge!

Click on the links for the Class List, Rules and Entry Form. My scans are a bit blurry, and I have not posted the patterns here, of which there are many. If I have not yet invited you to the private Facebook group “Virtual Benefit Horse Show for Horse Amour”, please message me! That will grant you access to all of the class descriptions, requirements and patterns. If you ride here, you will find a book on the barn desk that contains all of the above. If you would like me to print any of these for you, please message me.

I’m looking forward to the next few weeks of practice, and videoing!! And then sitting back and watching the show online! Thankyou everyone for all of your continued support.

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