About the Spring/Summer Dressage Shows

The year 2024 will be our 30th annual Spring Dressage Show at Horse Amour, and 12th ever Summer Dressage Show. Dressage is the basis for all correct riding and the foundation for all other equestrian competitions. The horse needs a period of rest from the physical demands of jumping, and riders need a time to come back to the basics with correct flatwork. Our Spring Dressage Show is the grande finale for all our winter Dressage schooling. But April is early! We like to add a Summer Show to further enjoy dressage! Dressage is great fun when combined with music, teamwork and the incredibly enjoyable creativity and talent that our competitors bring to this show! 


Classes Available:

Intro Level Test B

Training Level Test 1

Training Level Test 2

Training Level Test 3

First Level Test 1

Western Dressage & Test of Choice

Pas De Deux/Pas De Trois




Click the entry form link to print a copy of the entry form.  All of the tests have a link as well, and can be printed from here. Western patterns, as well as first level and above, are your choice, please make arrangements with staff (test of choice class). Be aware that we usually do the entire show in our small dressage arena.

The Vintage Rockers AC/DC Quadrille 2007.

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