McGuire aka Rue D'wire

McGuire, Betsy’s other horse, is boarded below Horse Amour, at Stephanie’s operation SFW Equine Enterprises. He is a 2011 OTTB, from the Fingerlakes Region that we aquired on a Craigslist trade. Betsy wanted an athletic horse, and she sure got one! If you are an experienced rider, ask and she might let you ride him in a class.

Rue d’Wire

DOB 2011

16.1h dark bay thoroughbred gelding

McGuire after fitting and showmanship at the Vermont State 4-H Show 2016.

Betsy and McGuire; early morning warmup at the State Show, July 2016.

Waiting for a placing at State Show.

A few ribbons won.

Fitting and Showmanship at the Big E, September 2016.

Hunter Over Fences at the Big E.

In the Coliseum, at the Big E.

He should have been named “Pretty Boy”, that face!!!! 

Warming up in the Coliseum. Finally an arena big enough! He loved it.

He liked the Coliseum.

Pleasure and Equitation were held outside, Fair music blasting!

He is very tolerant of being stalled for days.

Showring success!

Other events we did….

Hitchingpost Farm, Beginner Novice Horse Trials, October 2016.

Cross country at Hitchingpost. 

Vermont State Fair, August 2016.

High Point Hunt Seat (halter won!) at the Vermont State Fair.

Cross Country here at home…guess grasshopper division was too small for him.

Jumping the drop.

Pony Club show, August 2016.

Blue ribbon Equitation, as usual.

Costume class at the State Fair, August.

Winning musical freestyle at the fair.

More of the fair.

Equitation at the fair.

The winning Quadrille team at the Summer Dressage Show.

Dressage in the Horse Trials, here.

Cross country here at Horse Amour.

Stadium jumping, Horse Amour Horse Trials.

After the event.

This remains a mystery!

Jumping at the State Show.

A candid moment at State Show.

Musical Freestyle at the Pony Club show, early summer 2016.

Jumping at the Pony Club Show, early summer.

He is a prince in the dressage ring!

The oldest photo I can find— early spring 2016…my has he changed! A testament to consistant dressage!!! Just look at him now; he hardly looks like the same horse.

Since this page was posted in January, we have traced McGuire’s tattoo. He is Rue D’Wire. He was at the track, but never raced. He is younger than we thought, and will be coming 6 years old in April 2017. We aquired him at age 3, and he was shown all last year as a 5 year old. Wow, Betsy! A job well done!!!

Here are some video links: (you may have to copy & paste, my link talent is minimal)  McGuire jumping his first 2’6 over Looking at the gazebo in Equitation, Big E Part 1 of English Pleasure, Big E, fair music blaring  Part 2 of English Pleasure, music still blaring   Betsy & McGuire walking to the coliseum for F & S Betsy & McGuire warming up in the coliseum McGuire’s video from Fingerlakes Finest TBs (off track) More of McGuire at the Big E

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