Little Cloud

Little Cloud came to us in September of 2013, as a 2 year old. Unsure of his age because of his extreme malnutrition, we didn’t know if he was a gelding or not! But he is a Horse Amour horse if there ever was one! By Christmas of 2013 he had nearly all of his teeth, and all of a sudden testicles! Little Cloud is now a 14.2h appaloosa gelding, who has always been very appreciative of his home here. As an appy, he is sassy, but he is a gifted mover, super smart and easy to work with. He is looking forward to being more involved in lessons as time goes by, and our smaller riders get more experienced. Little Cloud is very social, and would like to be chosen as a weekly project by one person. He wants to be involved with everything!

DOB: April 25, 2011

14.2 Appaloosa gelding

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