The Likit I bought him at Equine Affaire did not last long…(above) 

I fell in love with Bubba at first sight, when he was 2 years old. Bubba is one of those GREAT horses, that was born great, lives large, and is revered by everyone who knows him. His persona matches his size. Unfortunately for the great horsemen out there, but fortunately for me, Bubba was born with “large foal syndrome”; his hocks are slightly crunched from standing up before his legs were ready to bear his large frame. This does not prevent Bubba from doing anything, but if he were not compromised it would be hard to justify having such a GREAT horse spending his lifetime just being mine…

Bubba was been my partner for the past 10+ years. We did low level dressage, eventing, he loves to trail ride with the dog and I, and we competed in extreme trail competitions (locally). It’s entertaining to my friends to see this big 17h tank fit though all the obstacles!! But he loves it, and his curious, confident nature makes him a natural pro at competition.

Bubba is a rock. He is solid, comfortable, and now after all my years of fabulous lessons on him, and Pony Club rallies—he is a schoolmaster. He just began lessons this past fall, and he was instantly a barn favorite. Bubba loves to be a star, and I have been enjoying teaching on him recently after being on his back for all these years…now that I have adopted a new project Bubba is feeling the need to connect with more new riders to make up for his limelight being redirected. He had a wonderful young man from GMC last semester, and he is hoping for a new one soon!

“Bubba” aka Witch’s Trick (sire: King’s Witchblade dam: L’Tracy Trick)

DOB: June 2, 2005

17h bay & white tobiano

3/4 Thoroughbred, 1/4 Paint X grandson of King’s Witchdoctor

Old Timers Show Sept. 2017.


Siesta King.

Pony Club lesson, 2012.

Hitchingpost Farm Horse Trials.


Bubba loves the water! And thinks he is Jesus :)

Stadium at HPF.

Boys will be boys; Bubba and Sirius at HPF.

This was a bucket list item! A blue at Hitchingpost. I’m a happy gal!!!

Braids are so itchy!

That face!

First year at Old Timers, he was only 4. Equitation, haha!!!

Yes, a 17 hand TB can ride western!

These are the good old days!

How many boarders have called me to say my horse is dying? Na…he’s sound asleep!

Mediocre performance in the ring, but our trail class victory earned Res. Ch. anyway!

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