Vintage Horsepower

We held our first "Dressage Derby" in 2005. Could there be anything more fun???? You enter yourself and your horse for a standard dressage test at Training Level. You then toss your horse's name(twice), into a hat. You draw the name of 2 other entered horses(not your own), and ride the same test (on the other horses). Your horse's name is drawn twice by other entrants, and your horse also rides the same test 2 more times. There were awards for the top 3 rider scores (combined, of the 3 rides) and there were awards for the top 3 horses!!!! Low entry fee (very, very low) and much fun to be had. 

Will we do this again? Yes! Join us in October for a fun day of Dressage Derby. Email me and I will forward the prospectus and entry form. Have a laugh watching your friends ride your horse!


Nancy, Elaine, Tonya and Sue, “the Vintage Rockers” in 2007, Spring Dressage Show.

Ladies Night…every Tuesday at 6pm! Wine is welcome…

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