Bailey came to us in 2015, very thin, with a bad case of rain rot and hooves that were just terrible. But after a couple of months of regular care, he blossomed into the easy keeper that he really is. We don’t know how old he is, but it does not matter. Bailey is a good boy! We think he is part Standardbred, because of his odd canter, floppy ears,the shape of his face and his long back. He is a wonderful horse and we adore him. He is as cute as a horse can be!

Bailey has a long back, and is best suited to a lightweight rider. He is not a big fan of gymkhanas, but he knows what they are and can get excited and then a bit sour if he is asked to repeat them too many times; something he apparently did in his former life. Bailey has become a decent dressage horse, he willingly jumps anything he is asked to and he loves to trail ride. He will teach riders to steer, if they are not paying attention he takes them right to the middle!

DOB: Approximately 2002

14.3 Grade Gelding, possibly StandardbredX

This was Bailey when he arrived at Horse Amour.

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