Horsepower 4H club

We meet monthly, the first wednesday of the month, from 6 to 8 pm. May - October we meet at the barn, and November- April we meet at the Castleton Elementary School. In January we do not have a regular meeting, but we do have an awards banquet and fabulous potluck!

Covid has kept us down for a couple of years, but we are still alive and running!

To see our club in action click below:

Horsepower Club Class at the VSHS 2016 “Walk Like an Egyptian"

Horsepower Club Class at the VSHS 2010 “Mr. Roboto"

We do project record books and share them at our banquet.


We compete in Hippology as a club.

Some of our members qualify for the Big-E.

We show as a club at the Vermont State Fair.

Our members participate in many different project areas.

In 2014 there was a state-wide pumpkin growing project sponsored by 4-H.

Some of the pumpkins grew large enough to show.


This one was the heaviest in Rutland County.

And made it to the local paper.

4-H is what you make of it! Make it great!

Horse Show Checklist!

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