R.U. Sirius

Sirius is Stephanies horse, acquired in 2011, as a 4 year old. He was originally a premarin foal, made his way to Rutgers University as a project horse in their veterinary program, and then was sold at auction to a wonderful, generous man who taught him to drive and then found him a person who could take him to his potential- and that was Stephanie! We are very fortunate to have him available in our lesson program. He has become a schoolmaster.

Sirius is a warhorse- huge, beautiful, regal and proud. He has been schooled to perfection in the dressage arena and over jumps. However he is also kind and generous, and can be ridden in class if you ask.

16.2h dark bay Thoroughbred/Percheron X gelding, great grandson of Seattle Slew

DOB: 2007

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