Allegro is a former schoolhorse from Stonegate Stables, that was a frequent guest competitor here for many years. I had always admired her, and when she became available there was no question that she come here for the remainder of her career. Allegro is a lovely, beautiful, elegant and impeccably schooled red roan QH mare. Probably born around 1997, she is an older gal that is sensitive, generous and makes her riders feel like queens once they have mastered the basics. Allegro can be a bit over-reactive sometimes, and is not always for a complete novice. When she was young, she was a Preliminay Level eventer in Canada, and she can get strong over fences or at the canter. She will be nervous if the rider is nervous, and likes a confident or relaxed rider that will “hold her hand". I have personally become very attached to her in the 2 short years I have been teaching on her, and she knows it…

DOB 1997

Height: 15.1 roan Quarterhorse Mare

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